Chapter 12 - Resources
​​​​​​​Education is empowerment. Learning more about the Collie will maximize your enjoyment of your new family addition.

• Collie Concept by Mrs. G. H. Roos, Jr.
• The Magnificent Collie by Pat Starkweather
• The New Collie by The Collie Club of America

• Collie Club of America (CCA)-
• Collie Health Foundation- 
• Collies Online- 
• Collie Expressions-
• American Working Collie Association-
• American Kennel Club-
• Microchip Information – 

Training Books
• Play Training Your Dog by Patricia Gail Burnham
• Clicker Training Dogs by Karen Pryor
• How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by C. Rutherford, D. Neil
• Developing Engagement & Relationship by Denise Fenzi and Deborah Jones, P.h. D.
• Bones Would Rain From the Sky, Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs by Suzanne Clothier

• United States Dog Agility Assoc.-
• North American Dog Agility Council-
• Do It Yourself Agility Equipment by J. Hutchins
• The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility by Laurie Leach

• Sheepdog Training, An All Breed Approach by Mari Taggart
• American Herding Breeds Association-

• Mother Knows Best by Carol Lea Benjamin
 • Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act by Judy Byron and Adele Yunck
• Developing Engagement & Relationship by Denise Fenzi and Deborah Jones, Phd
• The Other End of the Leash by Patricia B. McConnell, Phd

Pet Therapy
• Therapy Dogs Today by Kris Butler

• Rally—O: An Introduction to Rally Style Obedience by Charles L. Kramer

• Tracking Dog: Theory & Methods by Glen R. Johnson

Everyone enjoys the tricks we see dogs do in movies and on TV. Collies are born “hams.” They love to please and work with their owners. Tricks such as sitting up, rolling over, or playing dead are fun, simple, quickly learned tasks:
• Fun and Games with Dogs by Roy Hunter
• Take A Bow-Wow a videotape by V. Broitman Dare and S.Lippman