Chapter 6 - The Collie Club of America                                            ​​​​​​​
The decision to add a new dog to your home, especially a new breed for which the owner is unfamiliar, is not easy. Thankfully for the new Collie owner, your Collie is actually part of a larger, well-established community of breeders and enthusiasts who come together as the Collie Club of America. Though individual member goals may vary, the one collective goal of this community is to further the best interests of the breed through education, distribution of information, shared breedings, furthering of competition and performance events, mentoring, health initiatives, publications and communications.
Many books have been written about the Collie and these books, both fact and fiction, are a wonderful introduction to the breed (click here for Resources). They will help prepare you for Collie ownership and for your first meeting with a prospective breeder. Breeders appreciate those who invest time in education and who possess a desire to learn more about our amazing Collie.
        Fun and Fraternity
The American Collie community is like a small town. Collie enthusiasts are quite familiar with one another and each other’s families of dogs. We all come together at local Collie clubs, various show events, seminars, and social gatherings. While some breeds have bred very different types of dogs developed for the show ring, work in the field, and canine performance sports, this is not true of the Collie. In our breed dogs from the same kennels, often the same dogs or their littermates, are not only family dogs but are also active in show rings, herding courses, and in the obedience, rally, and agility rings. The dogs and their owners and breeders gather at the CCA’s National Specialty show each year which acts as the family reunion for the breed (click here to learn more). Nationals afford members and enthusiasts to network, study, share information and plan litters as well as participate in competitions and social events. Online and print journals, dog events, and our passion for Collies keep us in constant touch with each other throughout the year. Although we live in different parts of the country and raise dogs with definite individual personalities, we are very focused on the betterment of our breed. This focus is reflected in the excellent quality and consistency of Collies which can be found anywhere in the country.  
The mission of the Collie Club of America and its members, across the country and around the world, is to keep the health and well-being of Collies in the forefront of our breeding programs. Our desire is to locate and place our dogs and puppies in homes centered with love and devotion to this truly remarkable, intelligent breed! The CCA is well organized with multiple communications channels available to assist you in your search the perfect family Collie. From our national website, you can locate a CCA District Director. This person is a local representative for ethical members in your particular state.  They can help you network with breeders close to your home.
... Your CCA District Director        
A Collie is not a difficult dog to find, however, well-bred, purebred Collies are not often advertised in the newspaper and should never be sold in pet shops.  There are many small quality breeders across the country, connected by the Collie Club of America’s network through our District Directors and local Collie Clubs. All prospective Collie Club of America members must agree to and sign the CCA code of ethics to join (link to coe?). Each state or part of a state in the U.S. has an elected District Director whose job it is to assist people looking for Collies or is looking for information on training, feeding, etc. The District Director for your area will be able to answer specific questions about what dogs are available from breeders or from Collie Rescue (click here for more on Rescue), or whether litters are planned for the near future. The director can also give you specific information about the breeders and Collie kennels in your part of the country and answer additional questions you may have about the breed. To find your area representatives, click here: for reputable breeder names and contact information. Local Collie clubs across the country are also knowledgeable about the breed and host Collie events such as Collie Specialty Shows, Performance Trials and Collie educational and social events. Your District Director will also have information on local clubs and events that might be of interest to you and your family as well as information to help further your interest in the Collie.